Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I see that Sr. Betsy has tagged me with the random meme. This is the one where you list eight random facts and then tag eight more poor souls to reveal tidbits of their lives. So, get ready, Lisa, Sr. Lorraine, Charity Therese, Coffee Wife, Debangel, Discerner, Nate and Karen! (Actually, Karen already got tagged with this, so you can read what she wrote last week; I won't try to wrest eight more facts from her!)

1. I have about twenty books at my prie-dieu (if you count encyclicals). It's the most crowded spot in the chapel.
2. I use honey in my coffee.
3. My earliest memory is of trying to share a book with my baby sister. (Prophetic!)
4. I like orderliness, but my office space is a wreck. This may be related to my compulsive multi-tasking.
(Halfway there!)
5. If there were five of me, one of me would do housekeeping (see #4 above; note that "fifth place" is about the priority level I assign to housekeeping generally).
6. I have been in Chicago six years and still can't deal with the cold.
7. I am waiting for Jesus to find a way to get me to Ireland, so I can follow the footsteps of St. Patrick.
8. When I was 18, my voice teacher told me "You can't make it on your voice alone." (She didn't know I was planning to enter the convent in a few months' time and was just taking lessons for the sheer love of singing.)


Anonymous said...

Re #7: If Jesus finds a way to get you to Ireland so you can follow the footsteps of St. Patrick, maybe He will find a way to get me there so I can follow the footsteps of Sr. Anne. spqr

Anonymous said...

God love your voice teacher. Has she heard your CDs?

I think you made it just fine.

Charity Therese said...

Wow! Thanks for tagging me!!