Friday, December 07, 2007

Movie Lovers Alert

A TV special is on tonight and our own Sr. Rose was interviewed for it. We don't know if she'll actually appear on the air (evidently they taped no more than a sound bite, which is subject to all sorts of editing), but if you're a movie lover, you'd probably be interested in the whole program. Here is info from the web site:

Movies Rock is a new film and music extravaganza that will be taped at the Kodak
Theater on December 2nd (TV version will air Friday Dec. 7). It will then
air on
CBS. .... .The special will revolve around music and the role it's had in redefining the film industry. Segments will include a piece about rap's growing influence, and another will focus on certain directors and their musical inspirations.

We'll have to record it because we are spending this evening in vigil at Sr. Michael's wake. The funeral is tomorrow; before leaving for the concerts, Sr. Bridget had told Sr. Michael, "When we get back, we'll sing for you." Needless to say, this is not what she had in mind, but the choir will be singing for the funeral Mass. We leave Philadelphia today after Mass.

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Lisa said...

Wow, what a prophetic comment! Thankfully, at least, you are all able to be there for Sister Michael's homegoing services. She must have been a really special influence in many of the Sisters' lives since quite a few have mentioned her "passing" on their blogs. I'd love to hear more about her and her life and ministry. Was she ever assigned to New York/Hudson Mall/Edison? She has a familiarity about her and I can't imagine how else/where else I would have encountered her. I think I remember now, but I am curious to hear more about her.

And thanks for the tip about S. Rose on TV possibly. I've been checking out the show (and flipping back to Les Miserables in Concert on PBS) but haven't seen S. Rose yet.

Hope your travels back to Boston went smoothly!