Thursday, December 06, 2007

Live from Philadelphia

Our concert last night at Maternity BVM parish was well attended, despite the constant snowfall. We had a priest helping us who is an audio expert; he even set up a scaffold with stage lights! And our own professional photographer, Sr. Mary Emmanuel, recently returned from six months in Brazil, was on hand to capture it all in digital glory (even though she offered a long explanation about the problems the stage lights created for her artistry!). I tried to post a photo, but the resolution was too high for Blogger!

We had an early morning engagement at the local Fox affiliate; they were supposed to post our concert info (and we were hoping for a video clip online), but so far nothing has appeared on their site, much to my mother's dismay! We taped a song and then three of the sisters appeared with the anchors at the end of the morning show to plug our concert and CD.

On this feast of St. Nicholas, I'd like to do a little plug of my own, for a great children's book about today's saint. The story focuses only on the incident for which the saint is best known: his rescue of three girls from the slavery into which they were about to be sold. (Only, it puts things in a much gentler light.) The illustrations are gentle and abundant. It could be your family's Christmas season classic!


Anonymous said...

The St. Nicholas book sounds like a perfect gift for the toddlers on my Christmas list. I would like to read it myself. spqr

Discerning Discerner said...

St. Nicholas Day is a definite celebration here in Camphill!
He visits everyone and leaves little gifts in shoes.
I was chosen to tell a story revolving around St. Nicholas, so I chose the one about the 3 the end he leaves each a ball of gold in the shoes that were left by the fireplace to dry (thus tangerines are included with the chocolate coins.)
I must say I was a little amazed at how many people only know that he comes around and puts things in shoes, but they dont know there is a background behind that...its also intriguing how st.Nick became santa clause...hmm i shall start research~~~!!
Have blessed advent
Smile, Jesus Loves you!