Saturday, December 01, 2007

Last Day

Today is the Last Day!
That sounds pretty apocalyptic, but it's true. At least, liturgically speaking. It's the last day of the liturgical year: Advent starts tomorrow, and with it, a new Church year. The Gospel today warns us, at the end of the year, not to let our hearts get lazy. I had to think about that one. "Be on guard lest your hearts become drowsy..." Jesus connects the day-to-day immersion in both pleasure-seeking and anxious fretting with a lethargic, unresponsive heart. A sleepy heart is dulled, unable even to notice the subtle invitations each day offers. An Advent heart is wide-awake, alert to the movements of the Spirit but also unprotected and vulnerable. Perhaps it is easier to live with a sleepy heart, which is why Jesus has to tell us "wake up!"

We pray that our Sister Michael, who died last night, was able to wake to the Lord's presence and beauty.

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