Friday, November 30, 2007

Concert Review

We had a wonderful evening at the Hilton Gardens, with over 500 guests for our benefit dinner/concert. As for the singing, from my perspective, anyway, it was a bit like the plague of know, the invasion of frogs? My high notes were okay, and that's what people seem to remember, though! Today we have a free day. Some of the sisters are going to the art museum in Manhattan. I'm planning to stay on Staten Island to get some video footage of the "new" convent here so our sisters in the other communities will have a chance to see it. I plan to take a walk to the Post Office for Christmas stamps (I need a goal when I take a walk, and the Post Office is about a mile from here, so that's just about right). I also hope to read the Pope's new encyclical on HOPE. (One of my favorite books is Josef Pieper's "On Hope," so I am really excited about an encyclical on the topic.)
Happy Feast of St. Andrew!
Oh, and keep the prayers coming for Sr. Michael who is still with us, though she is nearing the goal of all our hope.


Debangel said...

What kind of frogs, though? The big bullfrog-type frogs, or those cute little spring peepers? I'm sure you sounded just fine anyway, and you seem to be feeling better, which is the important part! As far as plagues go, I have always thought that a nice post-nasal drip would have done a great job- Pharaoh would have let those people go ASAP!

Sr. Michael is in my prayers. I hope it's OK that I asked that she be peaceful and comfortable while she waited for her final journey to begin.

Anonymous said...

I love debangel's comment about post nasal drip and plagues sent to Pharaoh. I will offer special prayers at Mass tomorrow for Sr. Michael. spqr

harv681 said...

Congratulations on the fabulous review by the Staten Island Advance!