Monday, October 01, 2007

Home Sweet Home

The flight was delayed, and I got home over two hours later than anticipated, but I'm back in Chicago! The flight was rendered more "interesting" by the guy in the middle seat, who had evidently planned to hunker down for the entire 3.5 hour (which became 5.5 hour) flight with his "Penthouse" magazine. Until I got to the aisle seat. Which didn't inspire him to put the magazine away, but it did rather encourage him to focus on the "articles." I did my best in that regard, too: pulling out my New Testament, I looked for my favorite bookmark: a reproduction of the famous icon from the Mt. Sinai monastery of St. Catherine. (It's on the opening page of my much-neglected website.) I made sure that Jesus was facing the middle seat. All the time.
Now, "catch-up" time!


Anonymous said...

Good thinking, Sister, you do not have to be on a soap box to evengelize. spqr

debangel said...

:::wipes eyes::: oh Sister Anne, you will never know how much I needed that laugh tonight!
Q: "So, buddy, how much of that magazine did you get to read on the flight?"
A: "Nun."

Right on for giving him the message in such a gracious yet telling way. You're my hero =)

Fred said...

Oh, Sister Anne...I agree with debangel, a cliche that would be rejected from a movie is much more entertaining than fiction! Speaking of which, say a prayer for the passing of Harry Lee, another life beyond fiction! Eternal rest grant unto him, oh Lord!
Thanks for the laugh and the lesson.
Deacon Fred

Anonymous said...

To Debangel. I hope you are doing well. Hang on to that sense of humor. Harv

Anonymous said...

RIP Harry Lee. My prayers for him and his successor in Jefferson Parish. Winifritz