Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Care Packages for Parents

While I was at the Holy Family Institute's retreat, I met a lovely couple who have a home-based ministry to other parents of children with severe health issues. They gave me a flyer about the work, which deserves your attention (they don't have a web page yet, but I urged them to develop something simple). Here's what it says:
"When a child is admitted to the hospital under emergency conditiobns, the parents are usually unprepared for time away from home. In addition to feeling worried and frightened for their child, they are also unable to meet many of their own personal needs during the first day or two when things are so chaotic. [Hospitals]...are overrun with donations of toys and goodies for the children, but there is little to no help for the parents.
We put together care packages that contain personal hygiene items (shampoo, toothbrush/paste, etc), practical items (pen and paper) and just plain old comfort items (candy, gum, new t-shirt, slippers, fleece throw). We are also providing copies of the New Testament that can be given to those who request them. We hope that in meeting their physical needs, these families might experience a little of God's love for them when they may be feeling very helpless and out of control.
If anyone would like to coordinate such a project in their own city, we would be happy to help get things started.... Donations of care package fillers are always welcome!"

For more information, contact Dawn (e-mail dandjmueller [at] sbcglobal [dot] net).

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