Monday, August 06, 2007

Sweet Sorrow

Our newest professed sisters were in tears this evening: time has come for them to say a really "big" good-bye to their novitiate companion, Sr. Karen Theresa, who is returning to her community in Singapore after spending four years in formation in the US. Sr. Karen is the third (or fourth?) Singaporan vocation to have had her religious formation here. Singapore is one of our newest communities (it was founded as part of a missionary project our Superior General was inspired with about fifteen years ago), and the native sisters are increasing in number. I'm sure Sr. Karen's delegation will be eagerly awaiting her return as a full-fledged Daughter of St. Paul. Hard as it is on her closest friends in community, our missionary life is full of departures--and arrivals!


Lisa said...

I was so glad to see the celebration pictures on Sister Annie's blog and couldn't believe that S. Margaret Timothy and S. Lily had their jubilees this year. Wow!

I think your comment about the nature of "our" missionary life is interesting, in part because I think it's easy to think of entering religious life and staying in one's own country as not necessarily being missionary. Of course, in the context of an international community, even one that is not "typically" missionary, there is of course random opportunity to be sent/to go abroad. But even in communities where that possibility doesn't exist or isn't likely, your comment called my attention to the fact that we all have a mission, a call, a purpose based in God and that, coupled with our Baptismal call, makes us missionaries here and now, sent to serve and share the Gospel :)

Rebecca said...

I've been blessed to know two of those from Singapore! I was a postulant for a time with Sr. Jocelyn - a blessing I will be thankful to the Lord for forever.

I've been enjoying your blog! I've been wondering how things turned out for the Father Thompson Center?