Saturday, August 04, 2007

All Together Now

Today's first reading is from Leviticus (the same section that you find quoted on the Liberty Bell: "Proclaim liberty throughout the land"). It details the liturgical celebrations for the year, starting with the date of Passover and going through the feast of Weeks (harvest festival) and the solemn day of Atonement. You can get pretty lost in the details of what day of what month to do what, but there is an interesting refrain that caught my attention. Every time one of these significant days is named, the Lord says, "call a sacred assembly and do no sort of work." It's the "sacred assembly" part that struck me. That's what the Church is: a sacred assembly. That's what we are when we gather for liturgy today: a sacred assembly.
How many of us think of ourselves--or of our neighbor in the pew--as a member of "a sacred assembly"?

A new prayer intention: Sister Christine Virginia's dad died in his sleep. Sister is here with us (she expected to make her retreat this week with me). Please pray for his eternal rest and for the comfort of his small family.

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