Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sr. Mary Gabriella

I've mentioned Sr. M. Gabriella before: she's our community's "prayer partner" at the Boston motherhouse. When I was in Boston, I asked a few questions about her vocation story. The workings of grace in each person are so interesting--and I think that reflections like this are especially helpful for people who are discerning a religious vocation themselves (particularly when the storyteller has persevered for so many years). So, without further ado, I give you our very own Sr. Mary Gabriella:


spqr said...

Sr. Gabriella's cheerful, giving spirit in her long journey as a Daughter of St. Paul can be summed up in one word Karachi.

Karen said...

That was fun, thanks! Was that YOU playing ping pong?

xaipe said...

YES, I can play ping pong. I just don't know the rules.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful video, what a WITNESS! God bless Sr. Gabriella - my regards when you see/talk to her next :-)

Blessings to you and all in Chicago!
Jackie G.

Anonymous said...

re ping pong rules, who needs them?
Unless you want a lot of exercise chasing balls, keep a hamper of them nearby. Oh yes,and throw away the net. Neitzie

Charity Therese said...
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Charity Therese said...

I really like her vocation story. You should post your own vocation story too, Sr. Anne.

The comment that was delated was mine. Sorry! I wondered what would happen if you click on the little picture. I thought that if you clicked it, it would take you to a bigger picture of it. It turned out that it was a trash can.

spqr said...

It would be interesting to have a "nun of the month" video.
Thanks for your suggestion, Charity Therese. I hope that there are no garbage cans attached to my comment. spqr

Chelsea said...

Sr. Anne!
Boy can Sr. Gabriella play ping-pong!!!!! I remember playing with her when I was up at the motherhouse last time!
I love playing ping pong in St. Joseph hall at the mother house! During the Summer Programs we play all-around-the-room ping pong. te objective is to get the ball anywhere but the table! (Without breaking anything of course!)...We had the some of the postulants, Sr. Rebecca and Sr. Carmen Christi playing too! Sr. Maria Grace thought we were insane we were laughing SO hard! :-) Good Times!
Just a thought...someone mentioned this already...but I think you should post YOUR vocation story!:-) God bless