Friday, May 04, 2007

A flood of prayer requests

These are just the two latest requests from the dozen or so received in the past two days. In a way, these painful experiences are reminders that what we are living now is, in Paul's words, "transitory," but we look forward to a life that is eternal.

From my sister: A cardiac surgeon (and father of three) I have worked closely with over the past 18 years has just been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of leukemia. His doctors have painted a very dismal picture. Can we show them what the power of prayer can do? Lets try!

From Eric's stepmom: Yesterday the doctor went back into Eric’s surgery site. He hasn’t closed his incision yet. The leak still isn’t closed yet. He will go back in again on Monday. Another development is that there is a blood clot in Eric’s right knee and his lungs. Now we know why Eric has had to remain on oxygen so much. They have put Eric on more blood thinning drugs. Today, we are discusssing the possibility of going into the line in his neck and putting an umbrella type device into his veins to stop the clots from going into his heart, brain and lungs. It has been so heartwarming to get your e-mails. So far three people have donated blood in Eric’s name and sent us their unit numbers. We are so incredibly grateful for your outpouring of generosity. We are all truly blessed with so many friends and relatives. Please also pray for Eric’s grandfather who is having a biopsy for liver cancer. These are worrisome times for us. We are cheered by your prayers and support.

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Charity Therese said...

I'll add them to my prayer list.
I will offer three Masses for them.