Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Angelus Project

I just started a new blog--it's not exactly a blog, but I'm using the blog format for it. It is The Angelus Project, dedicated to promoting the praying of the Angelus as a way to renew people's faith in the Incarnation. Comments are to be limited to ideas for promoting the Angelus. (Success stories are also welcome!) Please promote this blog as a way of kick-starting a grassroots reneweal of this fine Catholic tradition. (And who says it has to be limited to Catholics?)

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spqr said...

I grew up with the Angelus but even now I occasionally forget the words except for the Hail Mary. It needs to be made readily accessible (by link?). The music makes it more inspiring. Printed cards of the prayer could be made available in baskets at the book centers for a nominal fee. Non catholics are on my mailing list.