Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ya gotta love Chicago!

Here in the Loop, there have been many familiar faces on the various street corners. People in need, shaking paper cups. I've seen some of them in the same places for years, including one older gentleman in a wheelchair. He always wears a hat, with a blanket over his knees and a genteel smile on his face. We always exchange nods and a "God bless you."
A week or two ago, I noticed that he had a new set of wheels, to whit, a brand new electric go-cart style wheelchair, and today I complimented him on it. He told me that a woman had given it to him, saying, "You're too old for that kind of wheelchair." And like that, he was given the BMW of wheelchairs.
In today's homily, Father Spencer (pastor at St. Peter's) wondered aloud if anyone would be continuing their Lenten "penance" as a new way of Christian living, and I wondered if that generous woman had made given that wheelchair as her Lenten "almsgiving."
What Lenten practices have you (whether this year or through previous years) begun to practice as a regular part of your Christian life?

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