Monday, April 09, 2007

Free Day!

After the intensity of Holy Week, we are given Easter Monday as "Little Easter" (an Italian tradition--over there it is a national holiday!). Our community enjoyed a relaxed day and then met at the Music Box Theater (one of those art houses) with a few friends from our book club and from choir, to see "Into Great Silence." It is a long but lovely movie, and after two hours and forty five minutes in which barely a word is spoken (though there is some chanting done) and seeing all the little details of the monks' lives, you almost seem to have met these consecrated men. I understand that the movie is drawing vast crowds in Europe; let's pray it contributes profoundly to a renewal of Gospel faith!

Ah, yes, and please scroll down to Saturday to see the link to a Burger King charity-cum-marketing thing that allows you to designate a charity in New Orleans or Baton Rouge to receive the 100K they have to give. The top ten nominees will then be voted on. I suggest Catholic Charities and the Sisters of the Holy Family. Please go to their site and weigh in on this! I think the animal shelter is really rocking the vote right now, and as nice as that work is, well, Catholic Charities and the Holy Family nuns have an even more vital service...

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