Monday, February 05, 2007


Okay, bad pun after yesterday's Super Bowl. But the weather in Chicago really is unbearable.  Most of our street people seem to be in "warming shelters" at least for now, though a few are out and about. Today it may have hit a high of 5 (it started out at -6). Our elevator stopped working yesterday morning (-10). It usually gives us trouble in the winter, but the problem is generally limited to when the elevator has been on an upper floor for a while. The grease on the cable freezes and when you hit "down," you get this start-and-stop jerking ride down to the basement, where everything resets. But now the elevator can't even get out of the basement. So we are getting a lot of exercise. The elevator company is getting calls from all over the city. Thanks be to God we are only in a four-storey building!
I hear we are in for a few more days of this extreme weather, and then it should warm way up to 30. Can't wait.

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