Friday, February 02, 2007

St. Blase

This is the great week of candles in the Catholic Church. On Candlemas, I got to St. Peter's a bit late--too late to light a candle, but not to late to get one! And tomorrow I am anticipating the "Blessing of St. Blase, bishop and martyr" given with candles crossed at my neck, to protect me "from illnesses of the throat and every other evil. Amen."
The image of St. Blase came from an unusual place: a huge room at the Parador de los Reyes Catolicos in Compostela, Spain. On the way to the equally massive upstairs breakfast room, I saw this generously proportioned bust of Blase sitting on a table, facing the windows. You can tell he's Blase because of the miter and fish. At least, he's the only bishop I know with that characteristic. Perhaps their was a Galician bishop with a similar story?
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