Monday, February 19, 2007

Tea and Tylenol

From the latest e-mail by our choir director, it sounds as if I were not the only soprano in the group who was waylaid by a mutant virus...

Good thing Sr. Helen didn't get it! She managed to put together not one but two King Cakes just in time for the end of the season. My own professional verdict is that her King Cake is every bit as good as McKenzies, which is high praise indeed. (McKenzies remains my gold standard--or should I say "purple, green and gold" standard--for King Cake.) Here you see it under wraps, next to my annual Mardi Gras display in the refectory.

Hoping to be somewhat back in voice for Ash Wednesday, when we have utterly heavenly music on the roster at Mt. Carmel.
Prayers for Peggy, the mother of one of last year's choir members. Peggy died this week of breast cancer. She was 52.

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