Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mardi Gras

It's that special day again...
At least back home, an in-your-face reminder that Lent starts tomorrow. Jane called me from home to tell me about the new Mardi Gras beads: Fema trailers on a necklace; taped-up refrigerators on a necklace; a necklace of "beignet" and cafe-au-lait... The family is at Mom's now, feasting on pecan pie and stuffed mirliton. Here in Chicago, our king cake is now but a remnant (with colored sugar sticking to the plate).

Naturally, I've been thinking and praying about "what to do for Lent." I mean, how to make the most of this forty-day retreat that is ours as Catholics. Traditionally: prayer, fasting, works of mercy. But specifically, how? And is there a "missionary Lent" that uses this season as a renewal in view of a deeper capacity for evangelization? How would that color my prayer, sacrifice and works of charity?

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