Thursday, February 22, 2007

Peter's Chair

The most unusual feast day name... And in Rome, St. Peter's is ablaze with candles. The famous chair is set with candles running on the arms and back, and the 13th century statue of St. Peter seated to teach is draped in a cope and capped with a tiara. Today's the day to go to St. Peter's, let me tell you!
But what about us today? The priest at St. Peter's gave a homily on the teaching office of the bishops and asked how many in the congregation had made a Lenten resolution to pray for the local bishop. It is our duty--and a primary way to support his magisterium.
I was thinking of this feast day in the light of the Pope's upcoming book, which he specifically said should not be considered a work of his papal magisterium, but a simple, personal reflection on Jesus. This will probably be a wonderful book for ecumenical conversations: something you can give to an evangelical who has his doubts about the Pope even being a Christian.... (never mind us poor sheep). I am sure it will demonstrate such a profound Christological faith that it will serve many people as an amazing wake-up call: Catholics really do believe on the Lord Jesus unto their salvation!
At any rate, that puts me on high alert for when the book will finally be released into my greedy hands...

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