Friday, January 19, 2007

Catholic Alphabet meme (cont.)

[J is for Jesus - When did you first meet Him?]: In my crib.  Mom taught me to say "Good Morning" to Jesus first thing upon waking up. Which I did, even though I could not say "morning" or "Jesus" correctly.

[K is for Kindness - Which saint or person has most inspired you by their kindness?]: St. John Vianney

[L is for liturgical year - your favorite time in the liturgical cycle?]: the Pentecost novena

[M is for Mary, the Mother of God - Your favorite term of endearment for her]: Blessed Mother

[N is for New Testament - Your favorite passage]:   Jn. 1:3

[O is for Old Testament - Your favorite Book here]: Psalms


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Anonymous said...

re john 1-3 first gospel according to my youth when my grandmother lived with us, every time there was a thunder storm, she would light a candle and all present would kneel down and read the last gospel according to John..I am told that we were actually reading the first gospel of John, but it was read at Mass as the last gospel...we survived the horrendous storms of those years, and wish that we would have reinvented that tradition for Katrina.