Thursday, January 18, 2007

Catholic Alphabet Meme (cont.)

[P is for Psalms - your favorite]: Since this can be interpreted as more than one favorite... 138, 16, 111, 139, 103, 92

[Q is for quote - saint quote]:  For starters, Teresa of Avila: "Those who live carefully ordered lives are apt to be shocked at everything and we might well learn very important lessons from the persons who shock us…. There is no reason why we should expect everyone else to travel by our own road."

[R is for rosary - your favorite mysteries]: Luminous

[S is for Saint - the one you turn to in time of need - not including the Blessed Virgin Mary]: It depends on the need. Bl. James Alberione gets many calls for help from this direction when it is a matter of my community and its mission.

[T is for Tradition - your favorite Catholic tradition]: May Crowning

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Anonymous said...

Seventy five years ago I was privileged to carry a satin pillow with a crown of flowers upon it to be placed on the statue of Our Blessed instructions were to follow the older girl, the "crowner" around a large assembly room until she stopped and took the gift from me.So impressed was I with that memorable occasion that a few years later with my own little statue in hand, I enlisted the help of our close Jewish neighbor to fashion a crown to fit the porcelain head..she presented a strung pearl head piece and crowned the statue herself. My turn came as a freshman in an Ursuline college ceremony when clad in a white organdy formal gown I walked up a flight of stairs, and reached up to the top of a life sized statue and put the floral crown in place before a large group of sodalists....a cycle completed with much joy and satisfaction. That must qualify me to share that "favorite" tradition with Sr. Anne.