Monday, November 20, 2006


I'm heading back to Chicago early (early) tomorrow morning, knowing that Mom is on her way to adopting a large (large) dog for protection and company. My niece Erin works for an animal hospital, and yesterday she brought the blood-donor dog over for a visit. This poor, majestic creature has been suffering regular needle sticks for two years, and so is due for adoption. He came over while most of the family was gathered for brunch, and we were duly impressed with his gentleness. My nephews (15 and 17) really enjoyed roughhousing with him. And so we decided to try a sleepover. Well... let's just say it didn't get that far.
Although the dog was fine wandering through the house while everyone was around, when it was just Mom and me, he decided to sniff his way through the living room while we were in the kitchen. I began to notice loud "snuffling" sounds...
"Mom, I think you better look in the living room."
"NO! Bad boy!"
The bad boy went skulking off... and we had an enormous, $200 coffee table book of Vatican artwork with a big chunk of the hardcover gnawed away and little specks of book cover littering the carpet.
Tomorrow, a family friend who works at a downtown animal shelter will bring another foundling over. "Foundling" is a two-year-old hound-lab mix with a brindle coat and a sad story. We visited with him at the shelter on Friday, and the dear thing was so sweet. And so ugly. Mom's having a hard time with the ugly part.
But soon we hope she'll find the dog of her dreams... We're praying over that!


Lisa said...

A dog will be good company for her. Saint Francis will make sure she finds the right one :)

Blessings on your travels back to Chicago!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the ugly ones turn out to be the BEST ones!

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! Ugly dogs need love, too!