Saturday, November 18, 2006

beating the system

I LOVE to take advantage of those pharmacy wars! When I first arrived in New Orleans, I transferred a prescription to a CVS in order to get a $25 gift card for doing so. Then today I went to the local Rite-Aid and transferred the same prescription for a $20 gift card. Too bad we don't have Rite-Aid in Chicago. I have a Target pharmacy coupon for a $10 gift card, but I am all out of Rx's to play with.
Today Nell came over and we picked satsumas in the back yard. We had a remarkable harvest, and there are still dozens of satsumas ripening on the tree. Tomorrow the family is gathering here for brunch and satsuma mimosas.Then maybe we can recruit the siblings with nice handwriting to help with the "thank you for your expression of sympathy" notes. Dad is benefitting from a score of Mass enrollments. God be praised! Hope he doesn't need them!

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