Thursday, October 19, 2006

A thought for Friday

Since I will be traveling back to New Orleans on Friday, I am posting the day's reflection on the suffering and death of Christ tonight. It is from "Death on a Friday Afternoon" by Richard John Neuhaus.
"Avoiding the cross makes very good sense, if we do not know the One whom we join, the One who joins us, on the cross that is the world's redemption. The victory of Christ is not a way of avoidance but the way of solidarity in suffering."


mary jo anderson said...

Dear Sr.Anne, today I looked at photos of you in Spain.

Then I read Karen's blog today, and see that your Dad is ill. I am so prayers for you and your family. And....Happy Big Big Birthday!

Lisa said...

Very profound thought from Fr. Neuhaus. Blessings on your travels and on your dad's health!