Monday, October 23, 2006

still praying

We've been accompanying Dad these days, and it does seem as though he will be hospitalized a while longer with what is turning out to be a stubborn infection. So much of my prayer is simply for his morale. Please continue to support him and us. (Thanks.)
On another note, while praying the Rosary with the "daily Mass crowd" at St. Christopher's this morning, I was reflecting on how the first reading for the day (from Ephesians 2) applied so well to Our Lady. It was along the lines of God's redeeming action coming "before" and acting so powerfully to place us with Christ. St. Paul meant it for all of us, so of course it pertains even more to Mary.


RAnn said...

I saw a sister who, from a quick glance, could have been you, walking on the levee by Ochnser, and said a prayer for you and your dad.

xaipe said...

I was taking a walk on the levee yesterday afternoon.... trying to pray a Rosary, but only succeeding in praying lots of Hail Mary's with an Our Father and the naming of a mystery in between!