Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter: death and taxes

This year the two "certainties" of life coincided at Easter, with the Paschal Triduum falling right at income tax time. And today's Gospel (from Matthew), with the risen Jesus appearing before the two Marys and telling them "Do not be afraid" seems to have a particularly appropos message:
  • "Do not be afraid" even if the certainties of the old order have been overthrown.
  • "Do not be afraid" even though you no longer know what you can count on, what you can rely on, what you can base your plans and prospects on.
  • "Do not be afraid" even though, with death no longer ultimate, you surely cannot look to the civic order to give you peace and security.
Now the only security is in Jesus himself.

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Georgette said...

Death and taxes coinciding this year! So true... I wonder if it is a "sign" of some sort?

In Christ,
(a fellow New Orleans ex-patriate!)