Thursday, April 21, 2022

#MediaNuns are #OntheMove

If you subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media, you already know: The Daughters of St Paul of the US and English-speaking Canada province are on the move. This means that some pretty big changes are ahead, changes that will reshape our physical locations around the United States so that we can be more nimble in our mission while continuing to live the religious life in all its vigor. 

In the video, you can listen to our provincial superior explain the basic outline, including the details of which locations will be closing and which will be receiving more sisters. It is so painful for us to even think of leaving cities and communities where we have been established (on average for 40 years) that we kept testing alternative approaches. Finally, though, the Holy Spirit has managed to make it crystal clear: We are to be like Paul, on the move for the sake of the Gospel. This has united all of the sisters. Plus, we are looking forward to being able to spread our creative wings a bit more than has been possible to us heretofore.

For more information, there's a website with information and FAQs (the header on that page shows me at age 23 in St Louis!); I hope you will also subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of all that is coming. 

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