Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Pages from the Past: Keeping Communion

Why is the devil’s characteristic ploy to divide? Because God is a communion.

Satan cannot bear that we should be like God, manifesting God and enacting God’s very way of being.

Whenever there is polarization you have the sign of Satan’s activity, and you also know what the urgent task is: to draw together, reunite, reconcile. Perhaps that is also why the Pope is a Pontifex, a bridge-builder; not just between man and God like the Roman Pontifex Maximus, but among people.

The place to start is always the family, because the family does not exist without communion, and communion does not exist where individuals are focused on themselves in the first place.

"Pages from the Past" are randomish excerpts from my old journals. I process things in writing, so there were a lot of volumes, but here and there I found notes that were still pertinent or helpful. I got rid of the books (hello, shredder!) and typed up the things I wanted to save, whether for myself (mostly) or to share. 

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