Monday, October 21, 2013

Good to be HOME!

Rollin' down the river... 
 I got into Chicago about 2 hours ago; unpacked (mostly: lots of books need to find some shelf space!); catching up here... Yesterday was a great mix of networking, great food in Boston's North End, and a walking workshop on photography and video tips for bloggers. We also enjoyed one of the "Duck Tours" on the Charles River (and the streets of Boston), and I got a turn at the captain's wheel!

 I didn't want to wait too long before sharing one of the high points of the weekend in Boston: it was the keynote presentation by Msgr. (ahem!) Paul Tighe from the Vatican's "Pontifical Council for Social Communications."

The PCCS has been very daring of late, plowing ahead into the new forms of media technologies, giving them a try to see which ones can help advance the Gospel. Msgr. Tighe (with his delightful Irish accent) also made what I think is an extremely important point: people "look" to the Vatican to make all the statements, but his office is trying to provide the ordinary Catholic on Facebook or Twitter (or blogs!) with material that they can post, comment on, link to, use freely. It is the lay people who have the most influence in this sphere, and there are a billion of them.

Please watch this wonderful, enlightening and entertaining presentation and tell me what struck you as the most pertinent--or the most surprising of Msgr. Tighe's contributions:


Bego said...

Chocolate milkshakes.

Better than kangaroo chocolate.

Anonymous said...

His enthusiasm was infectious. You can't help but walk away excited to tinker with your own network.