Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jane, the accidental midwife

There was a post on Facebook last night that completely missed my notice. I guess I had already shut everything down for then night when my sister Jane (who is rather sporadic in her Facebook activity) started typing:
Without Facebook, how would we know these things were going on back home?

It's all Jane's fault, you see, for having such a big heart. When the young mom lost her job at a grocery (without a car, and with two small children, she evidently wasn't always on time), with another child on the way (and this one's dad not in the picture), Jane couldn't just walk away with a sympathetic shrug.

Obviously, the family needs more than my sister can offer, but she was willing to offer what she could, whether that was babysitting or collecting diapers and gently worn baby clothes (and a two-seater stroller). When it was clear that midwifery was being added to the mix, my sister took it in stride, even though she never had children of her own.

It's such a clear illustration of what today's Gospel was all about: going the extra mile; giving to the one who can't repay; changing the world--at least the world around you.

Mother and newborn are doing fine; baby's two big brothers are now at Jane's house, as is my mother (whom the little ones already call "Memaw"). And I am bursting with pride, and humbled by, my genuinely Christian sister, Jane.