Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smoothing the way for the New Roman Missal

Hopefully, you are already not just aware, but well-informed about the changes in the Mass translation that we in the US will begin implementing on Nov. 27.
That puts you in a definite minority. A recent study shows that not even one in four Catholics is aware that changes are coming. The level of awareness increased according to the degree of liturgical life, but even among the most regular Sunday Mass participants, only 57% know that anything is going on.
When I gave my one hour summary presentation on the changes in the Mass last week at the motherhouse, one of the sisters mentioned her concern for family members who aren't the most committed to Sunday Mass: if they go to Christmas Mass, and find it so unexpectedly different, they could be alienated from the Church's life for good.
This is the biggest area of concern, but it is also one that each and every Catholic who is aware of the upcoming changes can do something about. Just mentioning the fact in passing can be one way of starting a conversation. You can also share this link, which includes yours truly talking about some of the specifics of the new Missal.
Meanwhile,  here is an excellent summary of where the translation came from:

New Roman Missal for Parents and Adults - Word for Word by Life Teen from Life Teen on Vimeo.
What other ideas do you have?

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