Saturday, July 07, 2018

Sounding the Retreat

How can it be the middle of summer already? And here I am, back from a family visit that included ten days in Texas (the annual Flanagan girls road trip) and packing my bags (and books!) for two weeks at the retreat house: a week of updating sessions and a week of silent retreat. But before that happens, there's something I definitely want to share with you.

I've already mentioned the book I translated (on Our Lady). Well, it will be released soon (August 1!), and you can sign up now for a three day e-mail featurette that will give you some more of the back story, some social media graphics you can share, and a video meditation I worked really really (really) hard on, making use of some of the footage we took as part of the filming for the documentary on our Founder.  (I knew it was going to come in handy some day!) You can also pre-order the book from any of the e-mails (and I believe there is a free shipping offer on pre-orders).

As I wrote in May, this is a good book for priests and others involved in pastoral ministry; it is a step or two up from a typical devotional. It also corresponds to Blessed James Alberione's desire for a "completion" of St Louis de Montfort's approach to Marian Consecration, developing the aspect of Mary as the one who forms apostles, who prepares and equips us for the New Evangelization. And we were tickled with Father Donald Calloway's feedback saying it was "destined to be a classic"!

+ + + + + 

On a personal note, I am continuing to recover from the virus that hit me so hard during the First Week of Lent. For our community's Solemnity of St Paul (and celebration of the Jubilees of our sisters) I was able, for the first time since then, to sing for the liturgy, and I have every hope of being in voice for our summer recording session. (Keep praying, though! I'm not quite at 100% and I still don't have the ability to taste sweet things, though...I keep trying!) While I have these (and a few other) small things to offer up, I am still taking in special intentions, so please send them on to me in the comments. If you want all the NunBlog readers to join in praying for your intention, send a regular comment; for private communications, add "for Sr Anne only" and I will keep those unpublished. Being able to offer my discomfort up for your families and special needs has been a very important dimension of this rather protracted experience of suffering.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sr. Anne. I signed up for the 3 part email series but have not received anything. When is it supposed to start? I cannot seem to find that info. Thank you!

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

Oh, dear. It should have started by the next day! Please message me @nunblogger or email my gmail (romans8v29) with your email address and I will look into it for you.