Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pages from the Past: Where is Love?

Written halfway into Pope Francis' first year on the Chair of Peter. (His anniversary date is March 13.)
Photo of Pope Francis by Fr Michael Makri, SDB

Not to self: God wants his love to be real to people; he wants people to “know” his love “in the biblical sense.” Truths about that love, truths about God, etc., are a second step. The truths have no context apart from the reality of a love that is known first of all as something personal. 

This is what makes Pope Francis’ magisterium so unique; it is also what characterized Good Pope John. People can tell that they are “recognized” by him in a personal sort of way, in a real relationship, even if the Pope only has a second to touch or shake their hand. They know they are more than a “hand” to him, and that, given more time, the Pope cares enough that he would listen to all they had to say. Everybody is looking for that. (Isn’t that why I check to see if anyone responded to my Facebook posts?)

"Pages from the Past" are randomish excerpts from my old journals. I process things in writing, so there were a lot of volumes, but here and there I found notes that were still pertinent or helpful. I got rid of the books (hello, shredder!) and typed up the things I wanted to save, whether for myself (mostly) or to share. 

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Stormy Lntz said...

Pope Francis is my hero. He is the right Pope for this time in history. God bless Pope Francis!