Friday, December 22, 2017

Pages from the Past: Hallowed Be Thy Name

Egyptian manuscript depiction of
the Visitation, from the Walters Museum

People should be able to come to know some real truth about God, come to know God for real, simply by our behavior, especially our behavior towards them. It should tell them who God is, so that God’s name is hallowed, sanctified, blessed on our account.

80 percent of communication is non-verbal, putting my concern for verbal orthodoxy into a different perspective. Does our way of living and expressing ourselves also display God's glory (doxa) rightly?  We could say all the right, correct things about God and say them with elegance, but still give God a bad name. “Because of you, the name of God is blasphemed among the nations."

Are we giving God a bad name, a bad reputation, a bad image not by what we say about him (it may be unimpeachably orthodox) but how we say it or how we live it out in the eyes of the world? God’s reputation suffers when we reduce God to our own size. It's the opposite, literally and figuratively, of “magnifying the Lord” as Mary did. 

"Pages from the Past" are randomish excerpts from my old journals. I process things in writing, so there were a lot of volumes, but here and there I found notes that were still pertinent or helpful. I got rid of the books (hello, shredder!) and typed up the things I wanted to save, whether for myself (mostly) or to share. 

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