Friday, October 20, 2017

Pages from the Past: the Eleventh Hour Workers

This parable highlights a shift from a contractual relationship (I’ll do this much; you’ll recompense me that much) to a relationship based on trust: I will trust you to pay what is fair; you pledge yourself to be merciful and generous. And the “equal recompense” is Jesus, whole and entire.

I have to admit that this connected with me on the level of “the worker is worth his wage” and the other passage about wages, “when one fulfills the Law he gets what is due… but when one trusts…” that trust is “credited as righteousness.” 

God considers his laborers to be worth their wage; he guarantees “what is fair.”

"Pages from the Past" are randomish excerpts from my old journals. I process things in writing, so there were a lot of volumes, but here and there I found notes that were still pertinent or helpful. I got rid of the books (hello, shredder!) and typed up the things I wanted to save, whether for myself (mostly) or to share. 

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