Saturday, April 29, 2017

Something I've been up to...

April is on it's way out and here in Boston it finally looks like spring! Monday begins the lyrical month of Mary, and this year that brings with it the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima and the canonization of two of her tiny messengers.

Our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, has yet to be canonized, but when that day comes, he will probably be numbered among the saints who were particularly noteworthy in their love for Our Lady. For Alberione, "devotion" to Mary isn't enough (if by "devotion" you understand a pious affection characterized by personal prayer to Mary). Alberione was convinced that love of Mary expresses itself in one's commitment to know Our Lady always better, to entrust oneself to her ever more deeply and trustingly and in imitating her: her virtues and her mission of giving Jesus to everyone. He loved the Second Joyful Mystery of the Rosary, telling the Daughters of St Paul that it was practically an icon of the mission of evangelization. Evangelizers "carry" Jesus within them and communicate him even wordlessly wherever they go, as Mary did when she brought the just-conceived Christ into the home of Zechariah and Elizabeth. That is why Alberione's favorite title for Mary was "Queen of Apostles": exemplar of all those who bring Jesus to the world. (A second-favorite title for her was "Mother of the Divine Shepherd," and it is lovely that not only will Pope Francis canonize two little shepherds on May 13, this year that date falls within the 4th week of Easter, begun on Good Shepherd Sunday.)
Sneak peek of part of a May message!
With all this in mind, I undertook a special little project on for the month of May, and now it is ready to launch. You can sign up now for " A Minute a Day for the Month of May" to get a daily Marian message from the writings of Blessed James and of my friend and fellow-sister, Sister Marianne Lorraine. The message includes a gorgeous work of art, a prayer for the day and a link to a Marian song by your favorite choir of media nuns.

Take advantage of the Fatima centenary to advance in your understanding of Mary and her role in the Church and in our salvation, and to warm your heart with the beauty that has always surrounded the one Full of Grace.

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