Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Table Grace and recipes

If you are looking for a printable grace before meals for Thanksgiving, here is a simple one I prepared a few years ago. It is designed two to a sheet, so you will have to do some trimming (but at least you won't have full-sized paper at each person's spot at the table!).

Here at the motherhouse, there are so many volunteer dessert makers that Sister Marlyn made an
oven calendar. We had to sign up for an appointment if we wanted to bake anything.  Yesterday I made four pecan pies (one of them was gluten free) in one of the industrial size ovens.  I just use the standard recipe found on the back of the corn syrup bottle, with one exception: I use half brown sugar and half white sugar instead of the full cup of white. (Naturally, I use the dark corn syrup, too!) My niece is making hers with brown rice syrup; I am expecting a report on how that turned out.

This afternoon I have an appointment with the oven at 4 p.m. to take the carrot souffle all the way to done. This is not a light and fluffy souffle, but more along the lines of what the British would call a "pudding." In our Culver City convent, Sister Andrew (Texan) was also making carrot souffle--but had to put out an SOS for somebody to go to the store for some...carrots. If you do not know why we would consider carrot souffle a must for the Thanksgiving dessert table, try the recipe. Just make sure you have some carrots on hand first.

May you have a peaceful, gratitude-drenched Thanksgiving!

Pecan Pie recipe from the corn syrup people.

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