Friday, November 18, 2016

My first drone videos (UPDATED)

This is all taking place between our main building and the garage, since that offers the most open space for this novice drone pilot. As you will see, my goal is twofold: to keep the thing in the air and out of the trees. I succeeded in the second endeavor (today, at least!).

Here is a birds-eye view of part of our convent complex taken this afternoon, courtesy of the Little Drone that Could, and another (with a crash and a near-miss) in front of the chapel, where the battery eventually died.

This is where I flew the drone (at about 5 feet high) all the way around the gate to the front of chapel, having crashed only once into a pile of leaves at the gate. I wanted it to hover contemplatively in front of the crucifix, but I don't have those skills yet. Still.

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Anonymous said...

Sisters you are the best! I'm having so much fun following this story