Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Webathon Update

O me of little faith.

I didn't think we could or would reach the goal for our annual online fundraiser. At $89K it was just too high, and coming right as a hurricane blasted through Haiti it couldn't have been worse timed. I should have read the Gospel and let Jesus have his say: "Your Father knows your needs before you ask..."

So, yes, with the generosity of many, many souls the new generator has been funded and should be in place right on time for the first snowstorm.

Along with the donations for the generator, we received many heartfelt prayer intentions. I was one of the sisters who received all the prayer requests and anonymized them for reading aloud during the Novena webcast: job searches, financial struggles, addictions and broken relationships; thanksgiving, too, and prayers to be a better follower of Jesus as well as ardent prayers for loved ones who have left the sacraments. Many people listed their beloved deceased, who will also be remembered in a novena of Masses during November (traditionally the "month of the Holy Souls").

This experience has been something of a tutorial in faith. Now I need to apply the lessons to the next great challenge: voting for the President of the United States (Lord, have mercy!).

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