Saturday, August 06, 2016

Greetings before I go into the Silence

I've been at our retreat house (between historic Lexington and Concord) for almost a week now, not for retreat but for our annual updating session. Retreat begins tonight and with it eight days of silence (including Internet silence--which may be why our Wi-Fi is not working?). Feel free to send me your prayer intentions before 7:30 Eastern time. (Use the comment feature, but indicate whether you want them posted everyone else to see and pray for, or if you mean them for my eyes only.)

Today was more than a clean-the-retreat-house day for us, though it was that, too: at Mass this morning on the Feast of the Transfuguration six of our junior sisters renewed their vows (the seventh had renewed her vows in January). I was really glad to be able to witness that sign of blessing, and to hear six times "I vow to live chaste, poor and obedient...I trust in the prayers of the sisters of the congregation." (There would be photos except for that Wi-Fi situation. Check my Twitter posts from this morning for a few scene!)

I hope you will pray for these young women, too, as they (and our novices, as well) make their annual retreat. (If you would, spare a prayer for the Nunblogger!)


Maureen said...

Sister, please pray that the Church be blessed with great homilists. We are in need of holy and engaging preachers, including deacons, priests and bishops.

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

Stool do do gladly, Maureen. We'd all benefit greatly!