Monday, June 20, 2016

Novena of Reparation: An Invitation

From our Provincial Superior, Sister Mary Leonora:

All of us have been affected by the horrific events that took place in Orlando last week and how this has been played out in the media. We are confronted with the misuse of the media on a regular basis and in many different areas and each time it is a reminder of our vocation to make reparation for the sins of the media. Information is certainly a good thing and we want to be informed by the media, but there are those who are using this event to incite hate and spread fear or promote personal agendas. Even the Orlando killer was not s "self" radicalized (as if in a social vacuum); instead, he was radicalized by means of media wrongly used.

As Daughters of St Paul, we are called to use the media for good, for the spread of the Gospel and Gospel values, but we are also called to pray for and make reparation for the misuse of the media. This is something we can all do, regardless of our state of health or our age. We can do it individually (and I know that many do), and we can do it as a community – and this year we invite you to join us in our community novena to St. Paul, whose feast day we celebrate on June 30. 

In an age where communication is defining our culture more than ever before, our mission of evangelization with the media and reparation for the misuse of the media is not optional, but essential. And we Daughters of St. Paul are called in a very particular way to embrace this world, accompany it, directing it to the Lord. But we need to help one another use these media as God intends us to use them: for His glory and the good of His people.

Thank you for praying with us for these nine days as we reflect on the gift of communications and intercede for those whose lives are profoundly affected by their own misuse of the media.

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