Wednesday, June 01, 2016

An alternate proposal: Inner Peace Month

June as "Inner Peace Month"? It's probably a hard sell.

"Pride" is certainly easier to celebrate. It lends itself to the sound of a marching band, while "Inner Peace" calls for something more on the order of a babbling brook whose rippling can only be heard in stillness.

But pride is an ambiguous reality. It can make a person stand a little taller; it can also heighten tensions, leading to bullying or violence. It can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between pride and braggadocio.

Inner peace is less within our grasp, much less our control. It's harder to nail down. But it's also more universal: we can all enjoy inner peace; you don't have to belong to a special class of people. And it's hard to deny that the world might be better off with a little less pride and a little more peace.

What might characterize a celebration of Inner Peace Month?

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Anonymous said...

A month long break from watching and reading the news would definitely help me. I know I need to be informed but much in the news is anxiety provoking and stress inducing. One month away from it, praying for peace and inner peace, remembering others in my prayers might just do it. -Jean