Monday, January 11, 2016

Gearing Up for Lent

I know, I know. It was Christmastide, literally, just yesterday. And yet here we are on the first day of the first week in Ordinary Time, with Lent less than a month away.

Is there something providential about this? In the Jubilee Year of Mercy, I would say so. The liturgy is giving us an opportunity to renew our Advent hopes and our New Year's resolutions, and to consecrate the best of them once again with all the spiritual vigor of the Lenten forty days.

Or maybe the Lord is indicating something completely unexpected: a grace he wants to work in you that you may never have thought to ask for, much less work towards. Here in community, that's what these weeks of Christmas have been for me: abundant and unexpected opportunities for stretching the old comfort zone to include the things I tend to back away from. In these weeks leading up to Lent I have a chance not for a flurry of resolutions, but for some reflection and discernment (along with some King Cake).

What about you? Has Christmas been edging you, all unawares, closer to the Lenten season?

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You can find some special resources for this Jubilee Year of Mercy and for the Lenten season on my community's website; please share the link on social media!


Leslie Klinger said...

I began today by listening to a reflection/homily on Lent by Bishop Barron. As an RCIA Catechist I have to be aware of how close we are to Lent right now and be willing to model how one prepares for the Season. I hope I can do it!

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

God bless you, Leslie! Bishop Barron's reflections are a wonderful resource (and not just for Lent!!!)!

Angie Briest said...

winds have changed.. I love that music to winds have changed podcast show.. so as I continue to follow you on Twitter I hope the winds pull you away from your comfort zone in a gentle way..