Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Concert Season

Sister Bethany will be our sound
engineer this year. (Learning on the
job is an FSP tradition.)
The scattered members of the Daughters of St Paul choir gathered here in Boston on Thanksgiving (with one arrival from Honolulu arriving the next day), and rehearsals commenced almost immediately. I could use two or three more dry runs myself, but as the old song goes, "my bags are packed; I'm ready to go" (more or less), not on a jet plane (for those old enough to actually remember the old song) but in a Tuesday morning caravan of minivans.

Monday morning photo shoot handled
by one of the novices.
This year the vehicles have to accommodate not only the ten singers and their luggage and two "tech" sisters with the sound equipment, but four crates of props, one very large prop and a harp. Sister Julia Mary learned how to play the harp this year, so we are including one song in the program with live accompaniment on this new and very charming instrument. (All our other music will be from the pre-recorded instrument tracks that will be used in the album we hope to record next summer.)

This calypso carol called for a costume change.
Check our Facebook page for the complete concert listing; our first event will be Wednesday night in Piscataway, NJ. I think this may be the 5th year in a row for Our Lady of Fatima Parish. Thursday night is our annual fundraiser on Staten Island (proceeds go toward our new convent there) and Friday we fly to Cleveland to sing in the Cathedral that evening. After that, Ramsey (NJ) and Philadelphia, and then the Boston area concerts (three of my sisters are coming for those!). Through it all, we will be using the new microphones sponsored by fans of the choir in last year's fundraiser. (Thanks!)

My time is not my own during the concert tour, so updates from the Nunblogger will continue to be irregular. I hope your prayers will be constant, though! I am really counting on that to help me get all my notes in the right order! And I do hope that if you are anywhere near one of the concert venues you will have the opportunity to take a concert in.