Monday, November 09, 2015

Webathon Update

Well, like Moses who could look upon the Promised Land, but not enter it, we didn't quite get to the Promised Land in our fundraising Webathon Novena, but we got more than halfway there--and we "met" many wonderful and generous people along the way, people who entrusted us with their dearest intentions. Truly, the prayer intentions that were sent to us by Webathon participants were very moving, and will stay in our thoughts and prayers for quite some time: loved ones in need; deceased parents and relatives (in one case, a brother who had died only a week earlier); children in trouble; job seekers...

This morning we began a novena of Masses for all those intentions, as well as the needs and intentions of all our benefactors. They can also count on the promise of Blessed James, who committed himself to spending his eternity not showering down roses like Therese, but supporting those who collaborate with or carry out media evangelization!

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Angie Briest said...

Sorry you didn't reach the promised land.. does that mean another video? I hope so...hey I'm watching for specials for warm hats and gloves..