Saturday, October 24, 2015

Liturgy bookshelf

My dear friend Father Joseph Henchey was right. "Sister, life is too short for all the good books there are." He recommended choosing two (or at the most three) areas to focus on in my reading. One of those chosen areas for me is liturgy (another is Theology of the Body, but you probably guessed that).

For "Buy a Nun a Book Day" @Nunblogger Twitter followers and other friends of the Daughters of St Paul stocked our novices library with a great collection of liturgy titles. Before Amazon deletes their "widget" function, I decided to recreate their new bookshelf for you in case you are looking for some good titles on areas related to the liturgy (including liturgy and the arts). Since the service is limited to ten titles at a time, I have a few "bookshelves" of recommended reading (sorry, the widgets don't work on mobile screens):

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