Monday, September 21, 2015

The Pope and the Paulines in Philly!

Hall C, Booth 643 in the "Pauline Family" aisle at the WMF.
The first van of nuns (and books) arrived in Philly yesterday (and another van or two left this
morning) to set up our media in Hall C (Booth 643) at the World Meeting of Families which opens tomorrow in Philadelphia. Big thanks to the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (the Philadelphia IHMs) for hosting us!
Sister Paulamarie sporting her new

At the convention center, there will be a whole aisle for the institutes of the Pauline Family, and
visitors will get a prayer card and a button (all the senior sisters here were solemnly invested with the button as a sign of their commitment to be the Official Prayer Warriors for the event; can I enlist you in the same effort? If there are any buttons left, I will send you one!). The novices will be holding iPads, inviting passers-by to sign up on the spot for our "Discover Hope" newsletter. Many of our Pauline authors will also be in attendance, either as presenters or participants, and we'll be posting insights from their books on our official social media channels.

The novices filmed the whole process of packing books and loading the vans; here you can watch them pack and go (don't forget to pray for them!):

#PAULINEFAMILY #WMOF2015 #medianuns
We are on our way! #PopeinPhilly Come to see us at booth #643 (song credit, Alanna-Marie Boudreau: buy her music; she's awesome!) #WMOF2015 #medianuns #PaulineFamily #PaulineAwesome #RealNovices #goodiswinnng Julie Turner Sr Margaret Michael Putri Mamesah Carmen Christi Pompei Mary Martha Moss SrElizabeth Borobia SisterLaura Fidelis Nolin #madeoniphone6
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