Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Heads Up for Buy a Nun a Book Day (Updated) (Again)

Thursday update: The novices' library is being well-provided for, thanks to Nunblog readers and Twitter followers! Of the wish list of 35 titles, only 7 are left! I regret that, in an excess of concern that people not buy unnecessary duplicates, I carefully removed from the list each title that had been purchased. I say I regret this, because the wish list would have made a nice reference bibliography! Week, maybe I will reconstruct it in a future post. For now, all I can say (and the novices join me in this) is a wholehearted "God bless you!"
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That's right, Buy a Nun a Book Day is right around the corner (Thursday, in fact), but this year I am not even hinting for donations for myself. No, it is our novices who need the help.

The novitiate library is well stocked with books on Scripture and spirituality, but the liturgy section barely fills two shelves, and the books are so old the covers are almost too bleached out to read the titles. As a liturgy geek myself, I think it is critical for novices (who in our community handle all chapel matters) to have a broad and deep appreciation of matters liturgical.

So, if you are so inspired, please consider donating a book from the special "wish list" of titles hand-picked by me for the novices. Just click the linked words (or the image!).

Any gifts can be shipped to:
Daughters of St Paul
Novices Library
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Wednesday update: WOW! Between yesterday and today, a dozen books were donated to our novices via the online wishlist. God bless you all! (And there are still two dozen more titles on the list, so don't despair that Buy a Nun a Book Day will pass you by...)


Shannon said...

We love nothing better than sending books. A few are on their way! Amazon promises delivery Friday. ;-)

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

So good of you! The novices will be thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Great list! Ordered 2 for the Novices and then put them on my Amazon wish list. :)

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

God love you!!!

Vinny Picone said...

3 on their way from me

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

Thanks, Vinny! Now you'll be on the novices prayer list, too!

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

Add of Wednesday evening, the eve odd But a Nun a Book Day, the novices' liturgy shelf wish list is half fulfilled!