Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Blessed Alberione's Travel Prayer

I'm off! Time for me to visit family, sleep in and read, read, read! That's right: vacation! I was happy to find a direct flight to New Orleans (they're sure not easy to come by), but I will still be praying Blessed James Alberione's safe driving prayer, which seems to cover all the angles, especially that wherever I go, I spread the "good perfume of Christ" to all I encounter.

Enlighten me to travel only and always in charity and with my gaze fixed on Heaven, my ultimate destination.

Be my guide, that I may have complete self-control, a sure eye and constant moderation.

Whever I go, be for me and for those whom I accompany or meet, joy of spirit and salvation of soul and body.

My Guardian Angel, kindly precede me and guard me.


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