Friday, April 17, 2015

Roll 'em! This is the day for Media Apostle: the Father James Alberione Story!

Yes, at long last you can watch the movie you have heard about, maybe even donated to: Media Apostle, the Father James Alberione Story. You can order the DVD if that works better for you (and it is nice to have a DVD to loan to your parish priest or adult faith coordinator), or just watch it here on NunBlog or on the Vimeo page.

Certainly you will want to watch the trailer, which is a fine piece of work on its own.

I am giving you the 90-minute version here, but you can click here for the 50-minute version. I recommend the 90-minute (and not only because I am in it!): I found that even the first five minutes of the full version are quite rich in communicating Alberione's spirit.

After you have enjoyed the film, PLEASE do us the favor of sharing the link far and wide, not just on your usual social media channels, but with Catholic media organizations and media professionals. They need to know of Blessed Alberione's promise that from heaven he would be especially attentive to those who use media for the good.

And visit the Media Apostle website to order the DVD, download the discussion guide, view the film clips and photos, and find media literacy links for parents, social media graphics with quotes by Blessed James, and more! 

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Technical details: This is streaming video. If you buy it, you can access the film anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-connected device (using the email address and password you assign at the time of purchase).  Or "rent" it for 72 hours and within that period of time view it as often as you like from any of your Internet-connected devices. 

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